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The whole trilogy should be released as once if possible, the other two games are not as good as the first but their still a ton of fun. This is a game of my childhood and I would like to see it here on GOG.

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I'm surprised that there are so few votes for it right now. This game was incredible when I was like 6 years old. It would be a joy to show it to my friends.

I would buy full price copies of this if it was on here. Also any of the other games in the Zoombinis series. This game is incredibly difficult to get working on modern computers I would love to see this and more great old educational games on GOG. This was one of my favorite games as a kid. And even though it was advertised for younger ages, it was challenging even for adults. Ah yes, a truly amazing game. One of the best educational games around, because it feels like playing, not learning. Bring it here GOG! Yes, I've been wanting to play this again for years and for the life of me have not been able to!

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    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

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    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis - Macintosh Garden

    More posts from the Zoombini community. Jun 8, Cake Day. In it, the player guides zoombinis, small animals with distinct features, through a series of logic-based scenarios in teams of By doing so, they take the zoombinis from captivity on Zoombini Isle to freedom in Zoombiniville.

    Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy. Click Next. Click the radio button next to the desired Compatibility Mode and click Next. Consult the Minimum System Requirements of the program that is to be installed [Step 1] for system information. They are only available when running a program in Program Compatibility Mode. If all options remain unchecked, then the current Colors and Screen Resolution settings will not be altered. To prevent the visual themes from affecting these programs, check Disable Visual Themes.

    A window showing the heading "Test Your Compatibility Settings" will appear. In addition, the settings that you selected will appear.

    Logical Journey of the Zoombinis Deluxe Longplay

    Verify that the settings are correct. NOTE: If the settings are not correct, click the Back button to return to the previous screen or screens and make the necessary changes. With the correct settings selected and showing in the "Test Your Compatibility Settings" window, click Next. The program installation will begin. Follow the prompts to install the program. After the installation is complete, close the program to return to the Program Compatibility Wizard. The "Yes. Set this program to always use these compatibility settings" will be selected.

    If the program functioned properly using the compatibility mode that was selected in Step 11 above , click Next-the Program Compatibility Data window will open-and continue with Step NOTE: If the program did not function correctly, uninstall the program using the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel: Step 1 and repeat the above procedure, choosing different compatibility settings.

    In the window that opens, select Yes or No and click Next. The Completing the Program Compatibility Wizard window will appear. Click Finish to close the window. Launch and use the program. Tried all that has been written. Still does not install. It asks to install direct x and when you say OK, it says direct x did not install. You have to reinstall the program again. Even though direct x is already on the comp.

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    • So why does the program ask for direct x? This is where it gets stuck.. If the program produces an error right after hitting the Play button, I had success by launching the file Zoombinis Logical Journey. EXE which was what caused my error. Posted on Sep 25, I call BS on the answers unless the users above have a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly old PC from On newer computers you can't even get to the install stage as it will say something about contacting your vendor. The compatability mode does not stop that message. Posted on Dec 02, I managed to get a Mindscape edition of Zoombinis Maths Journey to work on Windows 8 using the following method: 1 Install the game as prompted when you insert the disk.

      Right click on it, select properties and go onto the compatibility tab. Press apply in the bottom right. Note that it does not seem to play if you press play on the screen that comes up when you load the disc, so you have to use the method described in the previous sentence when you want to start the game. Posted on Dec 08,