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The accountant can then give you a file that has just the changes that were made. This is one of the important advantages of QuickBooks over other systems. If you want to use an integrated Payroll program , look carefully at the options offered for the Mac.

Should I Use QuickBooks Automatic Update?

They are much more limited. Downloading your online banking statements is not as easy with the Mac. So make your decision carefully. Note also that you can run the Windows version on a Mac with products like VMWare Fusion and others, although not everyone is thrilled by that approach.

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Tags: Annoying Things , Editions , Mac. Category : General Tips. With regard to the Mac version of Quickbooks; several years ago I made the mistake of investing in a couple of Macs with the intent to run QB because I liked the Mac computers. Sandy, it is true that web based products like QuickBooks Online Edition tend to be browser and computer system agnostic but not always.

It is unfortunate that they are so very different. As a life-long Mac user dating back to , Apple never took that giant dedicated leap into the business world. Mac are and have always been great for the publishing industry including video and consumer needs. Thank so much for working to get the word out to users about the differences.

QuickBooks for Mac and iOS

If your readers would like more detail, here are a couple of articles that can help:. I have just recently been introduced to QuickBooks as I have taken over the finances of a nonprofit on whose board I serve. And now, after reading this I can understand my feeling. Phooey on any application that does not want to be Mac friendly. We have transferred our Mac clients to a hosting environment so that we can use a windows version on QuickBooks, and they can still access and use all the functionality from their Mac.

It has worked great for us and is far more powerful than the online versions of QuickBooks.

The key is to connect with a reliable hosting company or purchase your own hosting server if you have the abilities to maintain it in house. I rather fancy changing from a PC to a Mac I would also like Quickbooks to produce reports into Excel. Does anyone have experience of doing this or am I talking rubbish and there is a better way of doing it e.

Mike, if you are using Pro and not any add-in products, you might consider getting the Mac version. It is closer to the PC Pro version. Thanks Charlie. You can move from the PC version to the PC version, some people have success in doing it in one step and some people find that they need to do an intermediate step like The Mac version is not as fully functional as Premier. It is roughly comparable to Pro. Also, transfering data from the PC version to the Mac version can be done, but people find mixed success.

Sometimes it works well, sometimes not. Name required. Email required; will not be published. Practical QuickBooks. Charlie July 14, 14 Comments. Share This Article. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it. Thanks for your answer. It sounds like the file was incompletely updated.

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You should restore your pre-updated backup and try updating it again. Id still be using the XP version…. Any idea how I can get my older version files to work??? This is my business…. Sounds stressful.

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  • So you can you still open your file, or restore one of those pre-upgraded backups in QB ? Version is still a supported version, and you can have both the and the versions installed on your computer at the same time.


    Don't Upgrade To El Capitan Yet If You Use QuickBooks

    Sorry no solutions. We have been using Quickbooks Pro on Windows 7 for years. Microsoft updated our computer against our will to Windows Is that correct? This is so frustrating. We need to access our records to prep our year-end info for taxes. The short answer is yes, If you get Pro , it should be able to upgrade your file and work fine in Windows Thanks for your question.

    El Capitan QuickBooks Fixes

    In the process, I learned that QuickBooks is not compatible with Sierra, and so was advised to purchase QuickBooks I have now purchased and installed QuickBooks and am unable to upgrade my business file. When I try, I get a warning saying,. Regardless of whether I rename the file or not, or whether I choose a new location or not, I invariably get the error message:. Not able to advise on Mac issues, so sorry. However, it works in my , I Have been able to upgrade to and unfortunately when I try to upgrade to or higher I have the same problem.

    Yes, we should be able to repair the file and get it upgraded to or just tell me which version you want to end up in. I am a 1 person business and have kept my files separate each year.

    They are between 2 and 8 meg. I started with it so I have 43 files as we have a final one we save for taxes and another copy where we have applied invoice payments from prior years. I had to download Quickbooks to convert my files from to It worked but now I cannot uninstall the trial as it says the files are open?

    Any ideas? I assume you rebooted the computer and it still said the files were open when you tried to uninstall? If you are running QB under Windows 7, there are problems with that. Maybe that workaround would allow for uninstall to work better. Good luck. I plan to acquire a new laptop with Windows Will the QB version work on the new laptop? If not, what is the oldest version of Premier that will work? I went on a chat site with Intuit, all they wanted to do was sell me Well, only version and later are designed to work with Win Some people have figured out workarounds so that the older versions can run; see the comments in that blog post.

    Are you aware of any problems with my company and data files generated in Premier , when I try to convert them to the Premier Accountant version? Unless the data is corrupted, it should upgrade fine.

    Your site and the comments from other users made the task much less daunting.