File sharing between mac and pc slow

To do so, please follow these steps: If you have upgraded your computer without performing a fresh install of OS X , chances are that file transfer will be much slower than normal speeds.

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This is an old problem of Apple Mac upgrade and has been reported extensively on the Apple support forum. The solution is to perform a clean install of OS X. If the problem is higher latency on the Mac , then you can force a CIFS connection instead to get better results.

To do so, first disconnect from the file server and then select Go Connect to Server from the Finder menu bar.

Problem 1: Connecting Macs to file-sharing systems

Now type in cifs: In OS X , Apple has added a new feature through which files being sent over the network are signed by the Apple device that prevents other users from accessing it. This feature slows the file transfer speed because the file is being verified by the client. Simply go to nsmb. If your Mac is hosting the file, then disable it by opening the Terminal and adding these lines: This link explains it all. Sometimes, you are just not able to find a successful solution. In that case, run a diagnostic scan by the iDoctor app.

You can also get technical support from iDoctor to fix the issue. Open Menu and select System Preferences. Click the Sharing panel. You will find File Sharing under the Service tab, turn it on. Now select the folder you want to share under the Shared Folders list. You will need to select the whole folder instead of selecting individual files. Select users to whom you want to provide access to and finally click Done at the end. Clean Install an Upgrade If you have upgraded your computer without performing a fresh install of OS X , chances are that file transfer will be much slower than normal speeds.

Download the copy of OS X. I was too lazy. Every time I finished working, I simply closed the Mac, putting it in sleep mode. This is not good. The truth is even though your Mac is sleeping, the hard drive is still running. While running, processes build up, causing your Mac to slow down, overheat , or even freeze as I experienced. Login items are applications and services that launch automatically every time you start up your Mac.

CNET claims that having overloaded login or startup items can both have detrimental effects on boot time. You open a web browser, play Spotify in the background, and launch a few other applications so you can get your work done. Chances are, your Mac starts to respond slowly. When too many applications are competing to use your system resources, your Mac will run slowly. Sure, saving icons and items on the Desktop makes it handy for you to access without extra clicks.

But a cluttered Desktop can seriously slow down your Mac, according to Lifehacker. Plus, a cluttered Desktop can make you feel disorganized.

However, for those users who process visually, using an Alias or shortcut on your Desktop gives you the icon without the system demands of that file or folder. Mac Dashboard services as a secondary Desktop for hosting widgets — simple applications that allow you quick access, such as a calculator or weather forecast that you use daily.

Checking Status of Signing on an SMB Connection

But having too many widgets can slow down your computer as well. Just as running multiple applications does, widgets on your Dashboard can take up quite a bit of RAM source: This is probably the most critical cause that leads to a slow Mac. You may need a more powerful processor. Also, this Apple discussion reveals that if there are bad or failing sectors on the drive, which can substantially slow down read speeds. If you regularly use your Mac for gaming, you may find the overall experience a bit choppy. Nothing slows a Mac more than having too much on a hard drive, according to iMore. As a Mac fan, you probably know there are two kinds of Macs based on microprocessors: PowerPC and Intel.

Since , all Macs have been built on Intel cores.

How to Share files between a Mac and PC in 5 easy steps

If you used an older Mac and decided to migrate data from a different mac CPU type, e. Credit to Abraham Brody , a Mac tech support geek. Every day you use a web browser e. Safari, Chrome, FireFox , you generate junk files such as caches, history, plugins, extensions, etc. With the passage of time, these files can take up a lot of storage space as well as impact the speed of your web browsing.

For example: Sometimes when your web browser is slow to load the pages you want to view, you may blame your Mac. It could be an older router, weak wifi signal, too many other devices connected, etc.

Smart Ways to Speed Up Slow Network File Transfer in Your Mac

Yes, the OS X operating system is more secure than Windows. But hey, it can get viruses as well. According to ComputerHope , as Apple Macintosh computers gain market share and are used by more people, virus are becoming more common than they used to be.

There is a lot of bad software out there. If you download applications with unverified developers, or from non-authorized sites, chances are these applications can make your Mac slower by unnecessarily hogging the CPU or RAM. Also, according to Apple, peer-to-peer file sharing and torrent software can turn your machine into a software server, which will slow down your internet connection.

Many users report it could take hours. See this Apple support article for what to do when the backup takes ages. This has happened to me before.

26 Reasons Why Your Mac Is Running Slow [Infographic]

Every time I connected my iPhone or iPad to my Mac, it started to freeze. Once I disabled it, the hang-up disappeared. Learn more from this Apple support discussion. Looking for a better alternative to iTunes? Go get AnyTrans review here. Similar to iTunes, Apple iCloud syncing can also decelerate performance. It can also cause several other linked services email, Photos, FindMyiPhone, etc. See this example as reported by Parmy Olson from Forbes. Not long ago, Apple reminded users that Mac Mail might unexpectedly quit when displaying a message that is malformed or damaged.

I suffered from this twice: In both cases, my Mac seriously hung. Jonny Evans explains how to rebuild and reindex mailboxes step-by-step in a ComputerWorld post.