Transferring data from old mac to new macbook pro

Business owners who want to transfer data between an old Mac and new MacBook Pro can do so with the Migration Assistant.

This built-in utility makes it possible to transfer all your documents, settings, user information, applications and other files from one Mac to another. By choosing to use the Migration Assistant, you save time and ensure that the settings to which you are accustomed are automatically set up correctly on your new computer. Turn on both computers. Click the "Apple" menu and "System Preferences" on the source Mac that contains the data you want to transfer.

How to transfer your old Mac's data to your new Mac

Click the "Sharing" icon located under Internet and Wireless and confirm that there is a computer name listed in the text area at the top. If there isn't, add a computer name. Connect both Macs to the same wireless network or connect an Ethernet cable between the Ethernet ports on the two computers.

Double-click "Migration Assistant" from the list of options on your Macintosh computer and click "Continue. Enter your administrator username and password when prompted and select "OK.

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A screen pops up that shows the Migration Assistant is looking for other computers. Select the "To Another Mac" option and select "Continue.

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Close all the applications on the target Mac. Click "Continue" to start the migration between the computers.

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Verify that the passcode that appears on the target Mac's screen matches the passcode that appears on the source Mac. After confirming the passcodes match, click "Continue" on the source Mac. Apple promises hostile treatment for sites that break Safari privacy rules. Latest in Gear.

Transfer Files Mac to Mac - Time Machine Backup vs Migration Assistant vs Target Disk Mode

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