Sims 3 unknown error has occurred mac after update

However, applying this workaround for the Unknown Error issue as well as editing the. Go to Solution.

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January Hello, I have been experiencing the same issue you have for days for the same exact game so I can understand how frustrated you are. Luckily, I just found the solution. Bear with me, it might be kind of confusing but i'm going to try and explain this to you as easy as possible. All of your installed expansion packs should show, even the ones not working. Normally, when your launcher opens, its an icon of one of your expansion packs. For me, that is Island Paradise. PASTE the folder you copied into there. Once both Late Night and Ambitions is working, try relaunching the launcher and you should be good to go!

I hope I helped!

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View in thread. November I'm installing all my old games on a MacBook Air and I got through all my expansion packs except Nightlife and Ambitions. When I get to either of those, all the sudden the launcher won't launch. Specifically the error reads "Unknown error occurred" during the launch sequence:. Could you please take a look to this post by our hero BluebellFlora? That could explain your issue. Perhaps, but my Mac isn't listed in the "affected models" list. And I don't have any problems with the base game. Only the Nightlife and Ambitions expansion packs.

So if it is a graphics issue, would I modify the program files for the base game, or just for the expansion packs? Unfortunately Ambitions and Late Night now seem to be causing problems for a broader range of Mac users.

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Have you recently upgraded to macOS Sierra? If not, could you share with us the specifications of your Mac?

Re: Mac: Error with sims 3 "Unknown Error Occurred" (after installing)

I can't seem to reinstall The Sims 3 or any of its EPs on my Mac the same computer on which I had it running about a year ago. I uninstalled it many months ago, and have tried to make sure that I didn't miss any folders or text files associated with TS3 when I uninstalled the application.

Via Origin, it will go s far as to say it's downloaded successfully and is Ready To Play. However, when I try to open the game, I immediately get a message saying "Unknown error occurred. The game won't launch. Via MacGameStore, trying to download it typically brings me to an error message Error instead. Once it's shown me Error Once or twice in my repeated attempts to get this running again it's almost managed to download it, only to have an Unknown Error pop up in the final stage of installation.

When that occurs, I can't open the game to play it - the only option I have is to install it. When I click on the install option, it cautions me that I've "already installed it" and proceeding would rewrite the files; do I wish to continue? Clicking "continue" brings me no further, though, and I end up with error messages anyway. I'd like to note that when I reattempt to install it, I try to completely remove it from my drive first using an uninstaller app like CleanMyMac to make sure all files are removed so that no corrupted bits and bobs are left behind.

Still won't work though! Perhaps I'm missing some files? I'm not sure if I used an uninstaller app the first time I removed TS3 from my computer all those months ago so any old files associated with that installation could still be lurking in my drive. If that's the case, where should I go to find them? My Mac is on El Capitan, which intentionally masks a lot of pathways and folders so that users can't tinker too much I've played the Sims 3 on my current laptop MacBook Pro Retina inch, Early , and was originally running it off an external hard drive.

I no longer have said hard drive, so I can re-downloaded the Sims 3 base game, and am having no problems running it. I understand Late Night and Ambitions are the most problematic, so I have kind of made my piece with that. But I would really love to be able to use Pets. Late Night and Ambitions are the most problematic, and it doesn't help that your integrated Intel graphics are not supported in the game. I would cleanly uninstall everything then install the base game, patch manually, then install Pets.

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Nightlife and Ambitions crash launcher

Tapped Out The Simpsons: October - last edited October Hi i bought a macbook pro with el capitan os x version i update it My game is digital origin before i was playing in w7 but now i have a mac. I have 8gb of ram and an intel i5.

I don't have copy of nothing cuz i installing and never play in this mac. Screen Shot at Me too. Message 1 of 40 78, Views.

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Relaunch the game, create a Sim, move to a house and play for a good 20 minutes or so if you can. Is it now working? Purging RAM before you launch the game and frequently during gameplay. If you have recently uninstalled and re-installed the game did you make sure to get rid of every single file from the previous install? Just using the uninstaller is not enough. If none of the above work please reply with the full specification of your Mac. Providing all the information about your Mac and game is essential. Just stating what operating system you're using or what year your Mac is doesn't help at all.

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